The thick of it…

I am well and truly in the thick of it again. My last post focused on the different choices available to people looking to begin their journalism careers, particularly looking at a range of post-grad options. So I did decide to practice what I preach and I have just completed my first semester of my Masters of Journalism.

I did this after moving back to Australia, then moving across the country to start my course. So apologies for the lack of blog posts it has been a busy few months.
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Mastering it…

I was told on an internship once by a journalist, that there was no point in getting a Masters, employers wanted experience. The more experience in newsrooms you had the more likely you were to get a job, I was told.

Unfortunately this is no longer seems the case.

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Tools of the trade…

Attending press conferences, interviews and being there for any important statements is an integral part of journalism. It ensures that you are there to capture those relevant sound bites and the best quotes that sum up a story. If your shorthand is perfect, it’s not always possible to have the space to write. Sometimes you need to stand, jostle and try to get a spot to record what’s needed. If in a situation like this, it’s easier to have the old-school dictaphone at hand. It also can make life a bit easier if you aren’t confident with shorthand yet. Continue reading

An alternative answer…

Journalism degrees are a relatively new form of university course, previously employers would consider a candidates work experience and written ability not whether they had a journalism degree. This has changed dramatically and many organisations will only consider those with some form of university education. But is a degree enough and are there alternative ways to become a journalist? With the price of university increasing around the world and the limited amount of journalism jobs what other options do aspiring journalists have to break into the industry?
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The intern industry…

A fact of life for many journalism students and graduates is that experience in the industry is essential to try to secure a job. In doing so many graduates undertake internships to boost their profile and rightly gain more experience. The competition for placements is fierce and those who do get a placement may find that travel and expenses barely cover costs. The situation is unfortunate, but many intern because they see it as an only option to get experience. Often internships do provide valuable experience, contacts and look great on the CV but there is also a dark side. There are some unscrupulous employers who exploit young people seeking to gain experience in media. More and more interns have decided to fight for their right to be paid, and many have been successful.
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Portfolio perfection…

The best way to display all the work done through work experience and internships is to put together a portfolio. It’s a great way to show prospective employers your skills and writing ability as well as the amount of work experience that you’ve completed.  Having an online portfolio is important but having a hard copy version is equally impressive.

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A year on…

It has been one year since I’ve graduated and I’m still hunting for that journalism job and I’m not alone. It’s been a difficult time for graduates everywhere, particularly for journalism graduates who are seeing massive industry changes and a struggling economy hamper the start of their career. There is a lot of frustration from graduates facing a limited jobs market who know that competition for every position is extremely hard. Many journalism graduates are having to make tough decisions on their careers and many feel forced to give up their journalistic ambitions. Continue reading


As some of you have noticed, I haven’t been very active recently. 

I will be writing more regularly by early September but I do have a few big changes happening at the moment so please bear with me. 

Thank you to all my readers and apologies for the lack of updates, but I will be back with more blogs and musings about portfolios, internships and the elusive graduate job. 

In the meantime enjoy the sun and send in any suggestions that you may have for blog posts! Or any questions you may have for me!

The all important…

The interview, the moment that you have been looking forward to and dreading at the same time, even for something like work experience. It’s exciting, nerve-wracking and frightening all at the same time which can make it very stressful.After a few interviews for both jobs and work experience, I thought I would share some things that I think helped me and allowed me to give the best possible interview without too much stress.
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Short and sweet…

Late last year I made the choice to learn shorthand and decided to continue with Teeline. Since I made the decision to stick with Teeline I’ve been practicing almost every day and definitely think I’ve made the right decision.
It has been over six months since I started and without regularly attending classes it does take longer to learn, I will admit that. That said, I’ve really enjoyed the process of practicing and learning every day with the help of my trusted Teeline for Journalists book.

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